Character Profile
Name Mac
Gender Male
Class Twin Blade
Media Information
Japanese Voice N/A
English Voice N/A
First Appearance .hack//Another Birth
Name Yuuji ????
Age 15-18
Gender Male

"Listen, babe, I got on the 'net this morning and read a new thread about ghosts. They swear it's the real thing. Let's go check it out tonight!"
— Yuuji —

Yuuji (祐士) is a character from Another Birth. He is the boyfriend of Akira Hayami's friend Shouko. He frequently plays The World with his girlfriend, and likes dragging her off to investigate the latest rumors of the BBS. Fortunately, neither he nor his girlfriend ever stumble across any of the true anomalies in the game. Akira occasionally uses him as an unknowing source of information, though she does her best to keep her identity as a fellow player of The World a secret.

His character in "The World" is a Twin Blade named Mac, which is derived from the fast-food restaurant Yuuji works at part-time. Kazu meets Mac and Shua and writes about his encounter in his Diary of The World.