Yuri Kaczynski Seto (ユーリ・カジンスキー・セト kanji: 戸悠里) also known as Drain (ドレイン) is the name of the man who was responsible for the 2003 Deadly Flash incident. For his crime, he was sentenced to death, but his sentence was appealed in 2010. Subsequently he went hiding in the United States and in 2023 he resurfaced in The World R:X where he confronted Flugel.





Basic Info

In his early life Yuri Kaczynski Seto (ユーリ・カジンスキー・セト kanji: 戸悠里) was born in Okinawa. Son of a Japanese woman and an american military. After his birth, they decided to move to the United States. When Yuri was eight, his father died during a practice exercise. This prompted her mother to go back to Japan. Two years later, Yuri´s mother died, leaving him an orphan. Her mother´s relatives adopted him soon after. He started hacking around his first middle school year. Later on, he decided to study at Takeuma University´s Medical School, in Tokyo. He ended up dropping out for unknown reasons even though he was about to graduate.

At the age of 27, Yuri caused the Deadly Flash incident, killing seven people around the world. He was caught trying to flee the country at the Washington Dulles International Airport. He was then taken by the FBI and later sentenced to death by the WNC, but later his lawyers managed to cut a deal. Given that Yuri knew many cyber-terrorists around the world, he would help catch them and they would change his sentence to life-time imprisonment.

After 18 years of service, a good conduct and several psychoanalysts, he was deemed rehabilitated and was released. Then he was contracted by CyberConnect San Diego. There, he worked as very important asset for the company until he rebelled and stole highly important data and equipment.



  • It is possible he is named after real-world terrorist Ted Kaczynski, the infamous UNAbomber, who like Yuri, mass distributed materials to cause random injury and death.
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