"But is the existence of Vagrant AIs really harmful to The World?"
— Yukino —

Yukino (ユキノ) is a CC Corp administrator and member of the Cobalt Knights.



Yukino has two characters. The first, Yukino, is a Long Arm and uses the standard female version of the Cobalt Knight character model. Her second character is a small, dark-haired Twin Blade.


Though Yukino works for CC Corp's debugging team, the Cobalt Knights, she has doubts about her work. Before she joined the Knights she met a Vagrant AI named Rin. Her experiences with Rin have caused her to see the AIs she hunts as people, rather than bugged data. Unknown to her superiors, she is protecting Rin from the Cobalt Knights.


Basic Info

In real life, Yukino Makimura (牧村幸乃) is an employee of the CyberConnect Corporation.



Yukino revealed to Saki Shibayama her relationship with a Vagrant AI during her college days, questioning her if Vagrant AIs really pose a threat. Saki made it very clear that her stance was that they were all a threat. After Saki asks what happened to the AI, she merely replied that it disappeared one day.

Yukino had actually been meeting with the AI recently, using a private account (which is against company regulations). Saki, as Kamui, ordered Magi to track Yukino's private account and locate the vagrant AI. Kamui found the AI, Rin, playing with Yukino's alternate PC.

After the deletion of Rin, Kamui reported Yukino's violations. As punishment, Yukino was taken off the debugging staff and assigned clerical work.

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