Character Profile
Name Yuki-chin
Gender Female
Class ?
Media Information
Japanese Voice Saeko Chiba
English Voice Sherry Lynn
First Appearance .hack//Liminality
Name Yuki Aihara
Age 17-18
Gender Female

"It's like the world has ended. What happened to make it this way?"
— Yuki Aihara —

Yuki Aihara (相原有紀, Aihara Yūki) is a young girl who, despite her appearance, is rather mature and knowledgeable for her age. She lives in Nogezaka, Yokohama and is the main focus of the second Liminality episode.


Yuki's character in The World is called Yuki-chin. Sieg and Kyo are two characters she plays with frequently, but not much else is known about her online.


Yuki is a high school student who lives with her brother and pregnant sister-in-law Miho at her family's flower shop. She dislikes her brother, who gave up his dreams of an acting career just to get married. Not much else is known about her family.


Yuki in front of her family's business.


Yuki was contacted by Junichiro Tokuoka some time after he met with Mai. When she learned that it would take him extra time to meet her she decided to spend some time at the Y-Port World Center and watch a movie. It was there that she experienced first-hand the impact of The World's breakdown when Yokohama suddenly lost all forms of communication and its systems shut down. She was trapped in the center until she was helped by Kaoru Asaba, an office lady working in the top floor of the center and a friend of her sister.

Yuki's only real usefulness as a member of Tokuoka's team is her connection with Kyoko Tohno, although she did help in slowing down the guards that pursued them.

.hack//Another Birth

During the Minato Mirai 21 disaster, Akira Hayami's father catches a glimpse of Yuki and Junichiro Tokuoka talking on their cellphones. He mistakenly assumes that Yuki is Tokuoka's daughter.


  • Her phone number is 09012.
  • Contrary to early rumors, her last name has a completely different spelling in Japanese from Salvador Aihara, and the two bear no known relation.
  • Yuki has a small appearance in Kite's dream sequence in .hack//XXXX, recalling events of the Yokohama crisis.