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"The 'Terror of Death'... Yes, I know that name. Hehehe... I hear your quite strong. You're definitely qualified....qualified to be killed by me, Yokochi Taro..."
— Yokochi Taro —

Yokochi Taro is a Chaotic PK, nicknamed Yokochi "Steel" Taro.



Yokochi Taro's PC appears as a scantily clad man with gray skin littered with wave symbols. He has a long, gray beard and a similarly toned top-knot.


Yokochi Taro is confident in his gaming abilities and is eager to fight even a so infamous player as the Terror of Death.


Basic Info

Seiji Mutou (武藤誠治) is a thirty-six year old convenience store manager in Kagoshima Prefecture.



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  • Yokochi Taro does not wield the same weapon in Redemption as he does in the concept art.
  • Yokochi Taro says, "The 'Terror of Death'... Yes, I know that name...You're definitely qualified..." when you find him in a field. This is possibly an allusion to his phase, Skeith. Unfortunately, this is likely lost in translation because in Japanese version, Epitaph Users were referred to as "candidates", or "qualified". Despite this, Yokochi Taro likely does not know about Haseo's avatar and the whole incident could be merely a coincidence.

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