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The entrance to World of Sin Ran Hati.

"I guess it's not just an area you go to for fun."

World of Sin Ran Hati (罪界 ラーン・バティ, Zai-kai Rān Bati), is a Lost Ground located at Σ Hidden Forbidden Sin Realm, where the event Forest of Pain (痛みの森, Itami no Mori) takes place.

Concept art for World of Sin Ran Hati.



The event consisted of a large forest filled with powerful monsters that would ruthlessly hunt down and kill any player who entered the forest. Due to the strange way the event just appeared it was rumored that the event had been created without the consent or knowledge of CC Corp.

Wanting to prove his strength, Haseo entered the event by himself. Along the way he encountered Saburou who had been sent to monitor him by Pi, and Taihaku, the Guildmaster of Icolo, who was also interested in proving his strength. Both Taihaku and Haseo succeeded in reaching the center of the field, where they found a hidden AI Harald. Taihaku was rewarded a unique and powerful weapon by Harald, while Haseo had his Edge Punisher and Flick Reaper Adept Rogue forms forcibly unlocked. The event closed shortly afterwards, and the field started to erase itself only seconds after Haseo left. However, as later seen, the field survived, albeit missing large chunks of data.

The entrance to World of Sin Ran Hati.

A pathway in the Forest of Pain.

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The event was mentioned in one post on the rumors board when a player asked about it only to find out that area had been sealed off and deleted. Its existence spawned rumors that people killed in the forest became Lost Ones. Later, Haseo participates in it once again, but this time as an Abyss Quest.


  • The event was called the Painful Forest in Roots, and Pain Forest in the Japanese version of the games.
  • In Roots, when Haseo finds the bottom of the Forest of Pain, he finds a pair of Dual Swords that looks extremely similar to the Dorje Hatchets, Alkaid's starting weapon.