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The Network Administration Bureau building.

The World Network Commission (or WNC for short) is a subsystem of the United Nations that was created to regulate the internet. It is responsible for passing laws regarding cybercrime, internet terrorism, and other problems that the internet could face.

The World Network Commision

The WNC was created in the year 2002 to regulate the internet.

In 2003, the WNC captured the creator of the Deadly Flash virus. The man became the first known man to be sentenced to death for cyber-terrorism

Following the Pluto's Kiss Incident in 2005, the WNC closed down all internet traffic save that used for Government or Business usage. This time period was referred to as the Twilight of the New Gods. The ban was lifted on December 24, 2007, on the newly created holiday "Virgin's Kiss", timed so that it occurred on the two year anniversary of Pluto's Kiss. The WNC was instrumental in causing ALTIMIT OS to become the most widely used operating system worldwide.

Criticism resulting from the WNC's handling of the Second Network Crisis caused the WNC Chairman and U.S. President Alex Coleman to disband the WNC, promising that a newer and more reliable organization would be created in its place.

The Network Administration Bureau

The WNC reemerges during the events of .hack Conglomerate as the Network Administration Bureau, a far more serious threat to hackers. In 2017, the Network Administration Bureau presents information on Masato Indou, it's former employee and the player behind Ovan, and his links to the AIDA virus. This announcement led Interpol to release an international warrant for his arrest, citing crimes of internet terrorism including the creation of the AIDA virus and plans to ultimately shut down the internet.