"Because of my failure, my brother is in that kind of situation... it's because of that, that I..."
— Wool —

Wool (ウール) is the older brother of Cashmere and a newbie Blade Brandier in The World R:2.



Wool appears as a fairly generic warrior, he is dressed in blue and teal armor, and wears a short brown mantle on his back. As Tabby was partially responsible for his appearance, she seems to have modeled his clothing on that of her former mentor Sakisaka.


Though still a newbie, Wool was smart enough to read the manual, so he has a basic grasp of the concepts of the game. He is a friendly person, showing thanks to those who help him out. He is always seen with his brother Cashmere, and has taken it upon himself to show him how the game is played. He is friends with Tabby and Kuhn, who helped him and his brother out during their first adventure.


Basic Info

In the real world, Wool is a young boy in Junior High. His parents let him do whatever he wanted, and as a result he failed his exam to enter a prestigious Junior High school. Because of this, his parents were much tougher on his younger brother, Yuuta. Wool feels responsible for the restrictions on his brother, so he does his best to play games and such with him when his parents aren't around.



With their parents gone for the day, Wool convinces his brother to take a break from studying and play The World R:2 for a bit. In their first session they are attacked by a strong monster, but get saved by Tabby. Recognizing them as newbies, Tabby decides to help them out, but her tutorial is ruined when they realize she knows even less about the game then they do. Luckily, Phyllo convinces Kuhn to show them the basics, so the adventure winds up as a success. Wool and Cashmere leave, promising to return once Cashmere's exams are finished.

As time passed Wool and Cashmere continued to play when they found the chance, gaining power and experience in the game. They became regular customers at a shop run by the players Pilocchio and Ita, and through them met Tohta. When their friends became the targets of harassment by a Guild of RMT (Real Money Trading) Players Wool and Cashmere arrived to help fight them off, buying Tohta time to get their leader Ochi banned from the game.


  • Some fansubs give Wool's name as "Uhru", but this is simply a Japanese transliteration of the Englsh word "Wool" (like "Bea" to "Bear", etc.).
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