"'Good and ill fortune are closely interwoven.' That's a proverb I learned from my master. *nero* But I do not get how twisting rope is supposed to make you a fortune. *nero* Anyways, you should try harder so fortune doesn't run from you. *nero*"
— Wise Grunty —

Wise Grunty (ウィズ★ランディ) is a Grunty raised by Yata. It manages Raven's @Home in Mac Anu, and sometimes appears in Quests. As a parody of Yata it tries to come off as a wise, all-knowing being. However its sayings tend to be more ridiculous than inspiring. Wise Grunty's ultimate goal is to rule the entire world, though it promises that the people it likes, such as Haseo, will get a small bit of land when this happens.


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Wise Grunty is first met by Haseo inside of Raven's @HOME. During the Guild Master Certification Event Wise Grunty gives Haseo one of the three treasures of the Grunty Race, Grunty's Brush.


  • Wise Grunty also seems to like pickles, because when talked too, he sometimes mentions giving Haseo a "jar of pickles as congratulations."
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