Ouka, a Werewolf.

Werewolves (人狼族, Jinrō-zoku) are an elite class in The World; they were not present in SIGN or the Games, being added to the system sometime between the Twilight Incident and Legend of the Twilight. A hidden class only available through the "Class Change" system to Knuckle Masters who obtain a certain item, the Werewolf class allows its user to transform from their original class into a wolf form, and vice versa. The only known user of this class is Ouka.

In Rebirth, sending the "How are you?" greeting card to Gaspard opens up a discussion about the Werewolf job class. The conversation references a rare card that Gaspard has found called "Werewolf Tribe." Whether this is the class's formal name, the name of a quest associated with the class, or just the name of that particular card is unknown. Although Gaspard did not play R:1, he theorizes that they were similar to the R:2 class Adept Rogue for their ability to switch between weapons. He also states that the Werewolf class was the last of 31 job classes to be added to the original game.


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