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Wavemasters (呪紋使い, Jumon-zukai) are the mage class of The World.

Mistral, a Wavemaster

Although they are physically the weakest class, being capable of equipping only the lightest armor, they have outstanding magical stats and can equip rods capable of using the most powerful Lv. 4 spells. In Legend of the Twilight, Reki and Magi use tomes in place of rods, but it is unknown whether these are an administrator feature or a new weapon for the whole class.

Wavemasters are considered a party staple due to their high SP rating, and are among the most popular classes. Possibly because of how broken the class was, The World:R2 divides the former Wavemaster class into attack-based, healing-based and buff-based classes.

Interestingly, there are relatively few famous Wavemasters among players, though Helba and Tsukasa are decidedly the two most infamous.

In .hack//SIGN, Wavemasters had the innate ability to reveal hidden areas the way Fairy's Orbs normally do.

The Class returns in The World R:X though it is unknown if there are any differences.

List of Skills

Unlike the other classes of The World, Wavemasters have no physical attack skills. To make up for this they are the only class who can cast level 4 summon magic, the most powerful spells in the game. Twin Blades are the only other class capable of casting level 4 summon magic, but only if the final Goblin set of equipment is equipped.

Wavemasters in .hack

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Wavemaster (紋導師 - ウェイブマスター) is a class in The World FORCE:ERA.

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