Warren Brock was the 10 year old American kid from Los Angeles, California who caused the "Pluto´s Kiss" incident. He was a prodigy who had much time to play around with software and as a result ended up crashing the web by accident. He´s first referenced during the games but his first full feature would be during the New Novel made for the 15th naniversary.


Basic Info

Warren´s family is composed of his mother, his father and Timmy, his cat, who´s a British short hair. His father bought him his first computer for his 8th birthday. He gets along with Randoph Hennings, the owner of a computer shop near Warren´s house.


Warren likes to play soccer and baseball with his friends. He also likes to play video games, but he does it alone in fear of his friends thinking he is a nerd. Warren learned from Randolph the basics of how to write a program, but eventually, Warren read books and found information online to learn by himself. This lead to the creation of the program that caused "Pluto´s Kiss". Warren only wanted to try this program in case anyone had thought of the same idea as he, to make sure he was the first one to do it.



See Pluto´s Kiss

.hack//New Novel

Warren is visited by a government agent who asks him about his motives for creating the virus. Warren had done so out of curiosity and made sure to make it a self-destructing virus so he could use a computer to play the video game his father was going to gift him next week.

After "Pluto´s Kiss", Warren and his family had to move from their house and change their name, entering some sort of protective program to avoid anyone trying to hurt or use Warren´s abilities.

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