Village is an international space station constructed with the cooperation of America, Japan, the European Union, Russia, and China. It is considered the successor to space station Evolution. The first wave of crewmen, consisting of 32 engineers aboard the space shuttle Galleon, arrived in 2017.


Village is to be used as a base for construction of moon bases, exploration of Mars, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and construction of a solar power generation facility.

Civilian Participation

Like its predecessor Evolution, a contest was held to name the new international space station. This contest would be participated by children of all ages worldwide. The winner of the contest was 14-year-old Miyako Mikimoto, who chose the name "Village" in the hopes that it would be like "a friendly, small town."

The later Village Voyage 2017 Contest, held by Fresh Bottling Inc. and Whale Strike Ltd., would decide the first civilian passenger to Village. The winner was 42-year-old Yoshio Kusaka, father of Chigusa Kusaka, who safely arrived in Village on the space shuttle Liberty.


During the AIDA incident, Village's balance control program was infected, apparently through its connection with the personal computer of one of the passengers. Village's double control system, which receives instructions either externally or internally, responded to commands from neither side, and there was the serious risk of Village being thrown out of orbit and falling to Japan.


  • Yoshio Kusaka's last name (日下) was misromanized "Hinoshita" in the U.S. release of the games.
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