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AIDA<Victorian> is a type of AIDA found in The World R:2 that infected Sakaki.


  • Royal Bullet: Victorian fires several bullets that home-in on Skeith. Slash or dodge by dashing
  • Royal Tackle: Victorian dashes towards Skeith to deliver three powerful blows. Dash to escape.
  • Excellent Ray: Victorian shoots three laser beams from its beak. Dodge by dashing.
  • Elegant Orb: Victorian whips its wings to produce an atom-like spere. Slash it back to stun Victorian





After being confronted by Haseo, Atoli, and Pi following his failed coup d'état of Moon Tree Sakaki infected himself with an AIDA seed provided to him by Ovan. This seed contained Victorian, who immediately proceeded to begin altering Sakaki's PC data. However before Sakaki could gain too much strength he was defeated by Haseo, falling from the cliffs of Briona Gwydion.


Following his defeat at the hands of Haseo, Sakaki continued to fuse with Victorian, altering his appearance to that of Sakaki<Zenith>. During the final fight of the Sage Palace Tournament Sakaki attempted to attack a weakened Haseo, but was stabbed in the back by Endrance. This caused him to lose whatever control he had over Victorian, which broke free revealing its true form. Strengthening himself with the help of Innis, Magus, and Macha, Haseo was able to summon Skeith and battle against Victorian. After a grueling battle, Skeith was victorious, data draining Sakaki it was able to remove Victorian from him. Without his AIDA, Sakaki fell into an Outer Dungeon where he was quickly dispatched by the Azure Knights.


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