"Come one come all to the Abundant Garden of Gaia in celebration of the day of love!"
— Event Notice —

The Valentine's Day Event (バレンタインイベント) was an event in The World created by the System Administrator Balmung for Valentine's Day. Held in Δ Abundant Garden of Gaia it challenged players to solve a riddle. The first 100 players to solve the riddle would win a rare item "guaranteed to improve their love life" as a prize.


After warping to the event field, players found themselves in a garden filled with giant vegetables. Each vegetable contained a treasure chest, but all of the chests were filled with dangerous traps. In order to solve the event, players had to discover the meaning of the riddle which stated "A beet is neat, but a gourd is adored". The riddle was actually telling players to find gourds, or pumpkins in the garden. Instead of summoning a treasure chest pumpkins summoned event monsters, which dropped treasure chests when killed. These chests contained the prize.


.hack//Legend of the Twilight (Manga)

After hearing about the event from Ouka; Mireille, Shugo, and Rena decided to try and solve it. After arriving in the garden Mireille immediately began digging up vegetables, but found all of them had traps. Rechecking the riddle, Mireille was able to solve it and started looking for a pumpkin. Hunting though the Garden they eventually found one, which transformed into a monster when they got close. Eager to show off his Twilight Bracelet Shugo attempted to Data Drain the creature, but to his surprise the Data Drain malfunctioned and hit his party, redirecting Mireille's charm spell at Rena and charming her instead to fall in love with the monster. Angry, Shugo attacked the monster physically and was able to defeat it. The monster dropped a chest, which contained three rare items, a school girl's uniform, a set of cat ears, and a maid outfit. Though they were disgusted at the lewd prizes Mireille decided to take them all anyway, stating that "A rare item is still a rare item"


  • Balmung got his idea for the event after looking at advertisements in Comptiq, a real magazine that carries .hack information.
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