Greetings Dot Hackers!

It has been awhile since I wrote on a wiki, so I figured I would stop by and say howdy! You can call me Element or Mia...I respond by either one. If you read my profile page you know that I have been a fan of the Dot Hack series since .hack//SIGN and have since delved into all things Dot Hack!

I am a collector meaning I have the games, anime, figures, novels, manga, and other odds and ends. I even have some items only released in Japan. Also stated on my profile is my goal of widening some of the information available on this blog. For years (when getting more serious about my collecting) I would first view this wiki for information regarding whatever it is that I was looking for. Lately though it seems the pages lack a little substance, so I hope to come in and fix some of that.

I also run a Dot Hack blog where I review anime, novels, the games, and show off my collection- I also follow Dot Hack news (when I can) and post about it there. You can find my blog HERE and if you check out my blog, feel free to let me know what you think!

Hm...other than that, while I do consider myself a "writer", I have a regular job in teleservices. I am a rather busy person so my time online, my overall activity and contributions on this wiki will be sporadic at best. 

I have edited on other wikis before. I worked for years on the Pokepasta wiki and was the #1 member on there (in terms of badges and overall contribution). I pretty much revived the place for a time, and still log on there even today to browse it, leave comments, add images, tags, and etc. But I'm not on there so frequently now. 

If there's anything else you would like to know about me that I have not stated on my profile page, feel free to ask!! 

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