"I will not allow others to be harmed! -TsukasaElkKite"
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As quoted for Elk by Mimiru, I am "the same elite character type as Tsukasa". I wield the Staff of Oblivion, a rare weapon that I designed. My main skills lie in healing, although I do use magic from time to time.


I'm a very helpful, kind person who never hesitates to help others in need. Contrary to what some people believe, I am a girl IRL, but I control a male PC.


Basic Info

Hi. My name is TsukasaElkKite, but you can call me Tsu-kun. I enjoy playing RPGs and learning about Japan and Japanese culture. I hope to take a Japanese language course in the near future.


I play and own most of the domestically released media for .hack, including all volumes of the first and second set of games (//Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine plus Liminality OVAs, //Rebirth limited edition with Haseo figure, Reminisce, Redemption, plus a strategy guide for Rebirth), all three anime series, all manga (//Twilight 1-3, G.U+ 1-5, XXXX 1-2), and all novels (//AI Buster 1 and 2, Another Birth 1-4, GU novels 1-4, CELL novels 1-2). I enjoy reading, watching anime, drawing, and writing poetry and stories. I also practice Tae Kwon Do


I first came across the Wiki in September 2006.

Party Members

None (I'm a solo player)


  • My inputs include information on R:2 and many of the R:2 equipment, armor, and accesories pages.
  • I am currently updating the R:1 weapons pages with more detailed stats about each weapon and also working on translating the .hack//LINK OST song names.
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