"Look, if we weren't supposed to eat people, they wouldn't taste like pork."
— Semysane —


Hey hey, name's Semysane. I'm a huge .hack fan that got into it far too late (read: can't find some of the games for the life of me). I live in Canadia and love reading sci fi and manga and watching anime (yes, I'm an adult that reads comics and watches cartoons). I also enjoy writing (read: I come up with an idea, write a page, then forget about it and watch cartoons instead)

I was first introduced to .hack when the Canadian channel YTV started airing .hack//SIGN, and I was instantly entranced by its deep, interesting and oh so bewildering story.

I have a head for useless trivia, so I figured I might as well inflict my pointless facts on you lot before my family disowns me.


I noticed that some people put their collection of .hack stuff on their page, and I'm all for bandwagons and jumping on them, so here goes:


  • My name is the result of a misspelling the first time I typed it, eons ago.
  • My favorite .hack character is Piros/Piros III.
  • My favorite area is Δ Elegant Your Bum, because it makes me giggle.
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