Character Profile
Name Schvartsvald
Gender Male
Class Slash Striker
Media Information
Japanese Voice ??
English Voice ??
First Appearance .hack//Roots
Name ??
Age ??
Gender ??

"Its just a state of mind. "
— Schvartsvald —

Schvartsvald is a Slash Striker that appears in Roots and G.U. very little.



Schvartsvald's irregular class, Slash Striker, is an unknown class in which only Haseo's Xth form has been able to relate to. Schvartsvald's class utilizes two scythes that have barrels at the end of each one. He has black eyes and grey hair. He wears a dark, spikey, metal outfit that is very resembling to Haseo's third form.


Schvartsvald is a very mysterious person online. He doesnt have much of a personality and usually answers a question with the response of "its just a state of mind."



When Haseo just got his third form from harald, Haseo went to the Arche Koeln Falls where Schvartsvald was waiting. Haseo went after him thinking he might be tri-edge but as he soon started fighting him his HP is reduced to 1 due to Schvartsvald's Double Slash attack. When Haseo stopped because of the great damage Schvartsvald walked slowly over to Haseo and told him "You must destroy it Terror Of Death". Once he said this he faded away from view much like shino did infront of Haseo but left behind an scythe called "Terror Death" in which haseo used from there on until he got data drained by Azure Flame Kite.


When Haseo was on the level before the last in "The Forest Of Pain' event Schvartsvald breifly appeared before Haseo and said "Thank you for destroying it, Terror of Death." and then disappeared leaving behind yet another "Terror Death".


  • Schvartsvald had an avatar named "Skyas the Destruction.".