Name Ryn Leistra
Gender Male
Class Shadow Warlock
Job Student
Title The Eternal Scholar


I'd like to think I'm a calm, collected person. I rarely get mad, and enjoy helping people. When I do get mad, though...[dotdotdot] I don't have many friends in real life(not to say none, but I'm certainly not a socialite), probably because I find it a little hard to speak with people that I don't know, but online, I feel comfortable enough speak my mind and have no problems with people.

Habits & Interests

I'm a fairly studious person, meaning I like sitting down and researching various things. I value knowledge pretty much above everything else, and pursue it exclusively. I'm currently in my freshman year of a small college in New York City, studying computer programming. Somehow fully half of my classes are in the business vein, but I enjoy them as well, as I find economics to be very interesting.

I spend the major part of each day reading and writing, lots of it fiction or fan-fiction, as the mood strikes. I haven't published anything yet, but I'm working on a .hack epic that I hope will be interesting enough to read fully through.

Music has always been a major love, so in the past two years I've taught myself how to play the guitar and use synthesizers. My tastes are diverse, and there is a huge number of genres that I find great music in. I also have a solo project(read: totally unknown :P) in the downtempo/ambient vein called Winter Cult, though I've so far recorded only two tracks. I'm steadily working on it though, and constantly learning new ways to produce the sounds I want. I also have a job with a music magazine, so I get to go to concerts for free, and have the opportunity to interview and hang out with some bands I like.

Web design and graphics design is another interest, but I'll admit I'm not that great in the latter. It's a skill I'm planning to acquire, but time just doesn't allow me to make progress too fast. One day, though.

Bad Habits
  • Smoking. It's a serious problem, but I'm aiming to quit. Really.
  • Talking a lot. When I'm excited, I =[
  • Sweets. Entirely too many. All the time.
  • Coffee. I hear that's not a good thing, but, ah, it's a life necessity.


I've been interested in .hack for quite a long time, and have watched almost all of the anime in the series some time ago. I'm currently in the process of re-watching it all thoroughly so I have a better grasp of the whole thing.

I've yet to play the games or read some of the books, but I'm working on it. I've joined here to add as much information as I can to everything already done, and find out everything I can about .hack as well.

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