New Weapon List Table

Diablo Blades
Level: 62
Skills: Storm Stike, Lightning Rage, Dek Vorv
Effects: Life Drain
Myst Spring: Monsieur Level 5 (Limit)
Data Drain: Ti&e Vi^ito$

Physical Attack: +28
Physical Defence: 0
Physical Accuracy:+11
Physical Evasion: 0

Magical Attack: +5
Magical Defence: 0
Magical Accuracy: +13
Magical Evasion: 0

Ele-earth: +5
Ele-water: +5
Ele-fire: +5
Ele-wood: +5

Ele-thunder: +5
Ele-dark: +5
Ele-mind: 0
Ele-body: 0

I was thinking of adding a texture background instead of the black or something similar. What would be a good "The World" background for this? Ruthborn 08:16, 23 May 2008 (UTC)


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