Hometown Toowoomba, Australia
Date of Birth April 29th
Age 21
Blood Type O
Height 192cm
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Class(es) Blademaster
Affiliation Twilight Knights
Fav Areas Mac Anu
Θ Soft Solitary Tri Pansy
Σ Dolorous Promised Clavicle


Name Creation

One of three personas I use when on the net (Ruthborn, Kevinsanya, Netherith) all of which originate from some form of fiction designing.
Ruthborn: The main character of a fiction I intend to one day make public.
Kevinsanya: Originally the name of my Star Wars character from an RPG.
Netherith: My old D&D alias.

Internet History

Playing a Role

Perhaps the most sites I have ever appeared in in one persona or another were various rpgs. Some rpgs included vampires, pokemon, Star Wars, Super Hero Showdown (A comic text based rpg that I have lost trace of) and testing out 'newly made' sites for people. Only recentaly have I bothered to write in chat forums and such.

Hack//New World

The site I have been on the longest is New World. A dot hack rpg where I go under 'Kevinsanya'. Originally joining 11th April 2005 I spent a year MIA due to real world issues but have recently returned to pick up where I left off. (a lot has changed in a year)


Coming across this site numerous times during my information searches I finally decided to give it a go. Currently entering info for .Hack//Wiki and the DC Database Project. Template:-


Anime, Western Comics (particularly anything to do with the Bat Family), Manga, Games, Martial Arts, Drawing, Writing, Movies, bleah

To Do List

Objective Status
Complete Weapon Lists of R1. In Progress
Complete Armor Lists of R1. In Progress

Real Life Trivia

  • Born April 29th 1987, Australia
  • Constantly has sneaking suspicion that he is the only non-american on the internet.
  • Has practised: Karate, Tae Kun Do, Judo, Kendo, Iaijutsu.
  • Favourite character is Gardenia.
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