I'm a Student of Computer Science (Programming) at Ohio University, someday I hope to actually develop a small independent game.

One of my biggest peeves is when people rip on a decent game. Nitpick at every single thing that is 'buggy' or complain and cry about how something doesn’t work like THEY think it should. If you SERIOUSLY knew what it took to make these games (online and/or console) you would have a much deeper respect for the countless hours of annoying little bugs that are simple to fix but very hard to find. I’d like to see you go through millions of lines of code looking for an 'apple' variable that that should have been 'appel' if both are valid.

Favorite Characters
Games Wiseman
Roots Phyllo
GU Games Kuhn


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I haven't been able to find any of the manga or books at any local stores, so I may have to resort to online to finally get those.

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Rebirth: Elegant Aster's Berserker - Mecha Grunty and Battle Area nearby


A place for me to work freely and experiment.

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