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I'm from Berlin, Germany. As a native speaker, I hope I can be of good use especially concerning the German parts and words of the .hack series (e.g. soundtrack lyrics, epitaph, ...). I hope, that'll excuse some mistakes in English that I might make =)

If there's anything about German language (translation, background information, language in general, whatever) do not hestitate to ask me (just jeave a omment on my talk page)!

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  • GAME MUSIC Best/Perfect Collection - Created an article for both Game Soundtracks (the Japanese and the US-Version), based on the original Game Music Best Collectionm article - milay 00:43, 16 April 2009 (UTC)


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My favorite articles

  • Hulle Granz Cathedral: My favorite place in the whole series.... Though I prefer the name "Grima Löwe Cathedral"
  • Elk: My favorite character <3
  • Aura: Isn't she beautiful?

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