"Hey, Azure Kite! Hikari ni Nare!"
— Mallow —

Mallow is an editor of the .hack//WIKI, specializing in foolish speculation that is rightfully deleted. He is much, much better at editing the GaoGaiGar/Betterman Wiki, seriously.

Basic Info


As TrueMallowman, Mallow is a member of GameFAQs, who is rather appalled by the level of sheer jackassery present on the GU forums. As a result, he spends all his time trying to revive RP/FF and working on RPs. He also runs an RP taking place in 2018, GU Reloaded, where he roleplays Aura and Zefie on a regular basis because he misunderstood the Japanese ending for Redemption and had to retcon the backstory later. He is clearly awesome because his avatar is Guy, and Guy is awesome, therefore Mallow is awesome, I have proved it with SCIENCE.


Mallow is a struggling Course III student at MIT, trying desperately to finish the Forest of Pain before the end of term. Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

To Do...

  • Get away from the Wiki.
    • Get away from the Wiki, seriously, I do more harm than good.
  • Finish the Forest of Pain, preferably before term ends.
  • Plug my websites.
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