The World R:2 Name(s) Maliguo
R:2 Gender(s) Male
R:2 Class(es) Twin Blade
Guild Member(s) N/A
Real Name Jeremiah Rice
Real Life Gender Male
First Appearance N/A
Age in First Appearance 11
English Voice Actor(s) Jeremiah Rice
Japanese Voice Actor(s) N/A
Maliguo is a cute child-like warrior in The World R:2 which in real life he is a child. He enjoys playing The World and eating food which his diet is mostly Chinese Food such as Rice, Pork, Duck, and Chicken, he enjoys Dry Sour Pork, BBQ Duck, and Chinese Chicken Wings the most. If you did mess with him in The World, you would expect him to try and PK you, Maliguo loves PKing people. He also has a small werewolf named Silver who enjoys helping Maliguo do such thing. Maliguo controls an AIDA infected arm on his left shoulder almost like Ovan Silver, just like Maliguo, has an AIDA infected arm but she is too lazy to cover it with a casing just like Ovan or Maliguo. Maliguo has a perferation of wearing a quilt with a Scarlet Sash and a Bell on the front of the neck part and he wears Spiked Shoes for when he kicks, it will hurt. He weilds the "Empty Skies" Dual Blades and used to be a guard of Azure Kite's Coffin but no one ever knew if it was true or not because Maliguo was never seen with the Azure Knights. Maliguo can understand the Azure Knights because as being the guard of Azure Kite's Coffin he had to understand the Azure Knights' language which is very unknown and called "Azurian", Maliguo understood Azurian and could speak Azurian. Mainly he would be talking to Azure Kite in English but to Azure Balmung and Azure Orca in Azurian. In real life, Jeremiah Rice eats food, goes on his laptop, plays Video Games, and causes trouble at school/go to school. A reason why he causes trouble is to tick off the teachers which he just hates teachers except the strict Grade 7 teacher who taught him Social Studies and French. He is also the next door neighbour of Daisuke, which Jeremiah loves to egg his door, spray paint his fences, give his homework to Daisuke's dog to eat, plays Knicky Knicky Nine Doors on him, bullys him at school, and loves to fight him which Jeremiah always wins because he sneaks a pocket knife into his pocket, and PK him on The World which is easy for him cause his AIDA infected arm which was spread from Ovan but Maliguo stole Tri-Edge and Corbenik from Ovan, Silver controls the AIDA arm on Corbenik while Maliguo controls Corbenik himself. Jeremiah is also very rude to people and players on The World.
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