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Hello all, it is Makaikoushi, who is a freak of .hack series. I would like o contribute to this wiki too. Yet I would like to have someone to guide me how to do it. I do have quite a lot of information of the series and I love to dig out the stuff of the matter in which I am interested.

I am happy with seeing this .hack//Wiki. I hope this wiki can provide another way for many other ACG fans.

Brief Introduction


'Makai' originates from the word 魔改造 (まかいぞう makaizou) which means evil mod (modify). While 'koushi' means young nobleman or young prince, the romaji of 公子 (こうし koushi). Combining two makes 魔改公子 makaikoushi.


My favourite anime is 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン Neon Genesis EVANGELION (EVA). EVA for ever. Since EVA, I was addicted to Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's work and most of the GAINAX works. Besides, I like the anime produced by GONZO and Production I.G. Now you see, I like anime which stimulate my thinkings. Plus, the graphic should be attractive.

For game, I like サクラ大戦 Sakura Taisen (formerly known as Sakura Wars) most. Then, it comes to .hack series and Grandia series. I prefer playing RPG and SLG rather than action games including shooting,sports, fighting, etc. Also, I admire games with comprehensive and fully detailed settings and ideas.

Currently, I am playing an online game called MapleStory. A boring, childish, simple and colourful 2D MMORPG.

Other interests

I like reading and web surfing. My favourite writer is 村上春樹 Haruki Murakami. I strongly recommand Murakami's book to you all. Among all his books, 世界の終りとハードボイルド・ワンダーランド Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World is the most impressive one.


I first came across with .hack five years ago with .hack//SIGN. Of course, the graphic caught my sight and more importantly the names of our three anime masters. Doubtlessly, that gave me confidence to watch it. My comment of the series was 'Excellent!'. Many of my friends could not withstand the pessimistic atmosphere and slow progress pace of .hack//SIGN. They dropped out in the middle and therefore, much pitty, could not enter 'The .hack World'. I am more lucky that I love .hack from the beginning till now.

Favourite Characters

  • PC: Bear, BT, Mia, Wiseman, Helba, Ohka, Mistral, Hokuto
  • AI: Lycoris, Aura
  • IRL Character: Kyoko Tohno, Ichiro Sato, Junichiro Tokuoka, Haruka Mizuhara (Pen name W.B. Yeats)

Most Hated Characters

  • PC: Piros, Ginkan, Haseo
  • AI: Molty
  • IRL Charcater: N/A


Except notated, all are Japanese material.


Music & CD Drama




Data Book

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