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Name Nathaniel DreadBane
Gender Male
Race Shinigami
Class Adept Rogue
Guild Auxiliary Corps
First Appearance .hack//G.U. Deceiving Phoenix Chapter 43
Name Nathan Dillon
Age ??
Gender Male

Nathaniel DreadBane(ナサニエル ドレッドバイノ, Nasanieru Doreddobaino) is a "PC" in The World R:2. He is a minor character in the fan fiction .hack//G.U. Deceiving Phoenix.



Nathaniel DreadBane is an Adept Rogue, with the classes Blade Brandier and Steam Gunner. Outside of the Soul Society or on certain missions, he wears thin-framed glasses, the top of a shihakushō missing the right sleeve, and wrist-length black gloves on both hands, along with tan pants and a brown gun holster slung over his hips. While within the Soul Society or on other occasions, he wears the full shihakusho, while still missing the right sleeve, and the white Captain’s haori. Both of his hands remain gloveless, revealing his mechanical right hand, which he had acquired on Auldrant when he had it cut off during battle. The hand itself is more detailed than the stereotypical cybernetic one; the fingers are divided into segments, shaped in the Dawn Age style, and can move just as a regular hand can. The metal itself is a charcoal-purple, and in the middle of the hand’s palm is a turquoise octagonal gem, roughly half the size of the Hōgyoku in the Soul Society arc, which is composed of one fragment from all seven fonstones. He bears a hardly noticeable vertical scar over his left eye and an iconic tricornered pirate hat. His hair is somewhere between Sosuke Aizen's and Anakin Skywalker's in The Clone Wars; pretty much a mullet.


DreadBane’s attitude can vary, depending on the situation; sometimes, he can act polite and gentle, speaking in a calm manner, used mainly for diplomatic purposes and the like. At other times, for example, during a heated battle, he becomes overwhelmed with joy, laughing heartedly and grinning during the fight. Despite his carefree attitude, his speech is always polite, though it is sometimes sarcastic. He often stands out of the reaches of an important event, preferring to intervene on rare occasions, and, most of the time, when it's too late. Other times, he tends to pop out of nowhere, surprising even captains with his appearance. He finds himself speaking in somewhat of a pirate's tone, which in part earned him his nickname, along with his unusual attire.


While operating in the world of the living in his gigai, he is more commonly known as Nathan Dillon (ネイサンディロン, Nasan Diron).


.hack//G.U. Deceiving Phoenix

A hijacked warp sends Seraph and his party to a vast field containing Nathaniel, his partner Koichi, and others. He reveals themselves (he and Koichi) to be the leaders of the Central United Resolution Extermination league, otherwise known as C.U.R.E., and demands to take them in for questioning on the grounds of cheating and hacking. Before they can act, the members of Team Demonata appear and temporarily incapacitate the two. As both parties engage in battle against C.U.R.E.'s followers, Nathaniel and Koichi retreat to a safe distance. After the battle dissipates, he and Koichi reappear, with Vigoratus asking the two to leave in order to avoid doing so by force. They willingly oblige, Nathaniel feeling unfulfilled.

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