Glad to be of some help.

Name Ichida
Gender Male
Race Lei Tribe
Class Steam Gunner
Guild Super Mod Squad
First Appearance .hack//DIVERGENCE
Name Chris Mackinnon
Age 16
Gender Male


Career as an RPer

Of course, I've done a bit of .hack forum roleplay as well. I'm well-known on .hack//DIVERGENCE for my work on the Complete Keyword Guide for R:1, as well as being one of few active members of the "Fatal Exception" guild remaining.

I've also recently started my own RP based off of R:2: .hack//GODSLAYER'S LEGACY. I transcribed over seventeen pages of information from the game for it, including the The World R:2 History section I submitted. Hope you all appreciate my efforts. :P I've just recently opened up registration, though not all information on the game has been posted quite yet. I've already hired a team of moderators, but any experienced RPers can offer their services. What's unique about my game is the Multicharacter system. A prize for only moderating staff and top questers, it allows you to actually control and level up more than one character at a time, as opposed to most forum RPs where you can only level your main RPing character. Other features I've implemented are the arena, where you can write up battles against predetermined enemy teams or battle against other actual users. And of course, I have had to plug in a few custom weapons to fill the gaps the game surprisingly left in terms of weaponry. But I drag on. See it for yourself if it sounds interesting.


I've become the first non-Bandai moderator for the .hack//G.U. Official Forums! ^-^ I hope I can make a positive impact.


.hack//JUDGEMENT is my sprite comic set back in R:1. I haven't worked on it in a few months, but I plan to sometime soon. </shameless self-advert>

comic has since been taken down. ~ Ichi


As an appreciative gesture for being a moderator for Namco Bandai's G.U. Forums, the developers created a PC for me and the two other mods, and made us an arena team in Redemption!! We are the Super Mod Squad!! My character is even the design I asked for: a Lei Tribesman Steam Gunner with a calming bluish palette!

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