"This bomb looks like the shindiggity."
— Gundam Fan —

Gundam Fan (ガンダム マニアック) is an editor of the .hack//WIKI, that aided with the original creation of the 8 phase pages, a few character pages, and later the Cubia page. Now he searches for any job that is needed to be done or fixed within the wiki.

Basic Info


Gundam Fan, a fan to all that is U.C. Gundam, and a sworn enemy towards anything that's A.U.. Gundam Fan is a regular lurker of the Gamefaq's Gundam, Naruto, and .hack community under the same name or Panta if you are viewing from the Gamespot's perspective. He is also a member of HoL, the Hunter's of Liberation.


A graduate student out for glory, I have a big Gunpra collection at home and a shelf full of manga. Gundam Fan is a proud owner of a 60 gig PS3 and plays all of his games on it when he isn't off at school. He has a large .hack collection which includes "almost" (Don't have the Grunty Keychain D:) everything that has ever been released within the United States.


  • Gundam Fan is a fan of Gundam.
  • Gundam Fan enjoys gloating.
  • Gundam Fan has a "pensi" the size of an elephant.
  • Gundam Fan has realized that his maturity level within the eyes of his peers had reached a new time low after mentioning the "fact" above.
  • Gundam Fan is a regular on Netbattle. (Online Pokemon)
  • Gundam Fan is the official owner of Kaochin, the PKer. (I CLAIMED HER!! SHE'S MINE!! ALL MINE!! AHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAAA!!!)
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