Character Profile
Name Destiny
Gender Female
Class Twin Blade
Media Information
Japanese Voice Destiny Hakura
English Voice Nicole
First Appearance Dot Hack Universe
Name Nicole
Age 12
Gender Female

"Flaws are our perfections"
— Destiny —

Destiny is just a normal obsessed .Hack fan with lots of .Hack merchandise, just like any other normal person...right? She's a girl that believes Natsume and Mistral should have their own manga dedicated to their awesomeness.



Destiny is a average height player and is at an average weight, but she does come off skinny. She is found to usually have long black hair flowing down to her back. She has deep red eyes that haunt souls, but comfort them as well, eerie but calm. She's usually seen in a simple black, spaghetti strapped tank top with a short ruffled skirt, and to add to it, small heeled high heels.


Destiny is strange in a way, she has multiple personalities and you'll never know which one will she will portray. They will confuse you, but it's not like she can stop or change them.

Her first personality is like Natsume. She's very shy and rarely talks to players around her. She rather people making the first move and the first conversation with others, it's this personality that does this. This personality is often seen only in the real world like in her school, but it is seen in The World as well.

Her second personality is a outgoing and fun girl, almost like Mistral. She often talks a lot and loves to meet new people to make more friends. She often makes the party better when she enters a place, she'll never be a party pooper. This personality is always shown around her friends and around people in The World as well.

Her third and last personality (she knows of) is a tease and very seductive, almost like Ouka. Since she wears short and tight clothes, while still being herself, she loves to tease guys in The World and online in general. She does everything she can to be seductive and be like her appearance shows off. Personally, she would rather have this one and the second one then her first personality.


Basic Info

Destiny's player is a 15 year old girl named Nicole Foster. She's a student in Bethlehem and is going into her sophomore year. She tends to dress a lot like her character so you will see her around in skirts and tank tops, depending on the weather. As said above, she is known to take on her first personality and rarely shows her second one around town, but either way, she has a good bunch of friends to be around.


Destiny doesn't really have any big hobbies, she's not athletic and she doesn't have the motivation to help people much. But she enjoys singing for talent shows or just singing for the heck of it, and she loves playing video games. Despite her lack of motivation, her only motivation comes from Web Page Design. She's been designing websites and forums for 3 years now and soon to be 4. She absolutely loves it and one day dreams to be a web page designer when she grows up. Basically, she has no life because of her love for computers.

Online History

Dot Hack Universe

Dot Hack Universe was a small Invisionfree .Hack role playing forum that Destiny was first spotted on when she was 12. Thanks to her friend in real life (Shugo-San), she got deep into DHU and made a lot of friends including Ashura, Neo, Sephiroth, Dragona, Ayeka Penor, Chiisu, Fayt and a lot more. DHU was considered the second best Invisionfree .Hack RP board (.Hack//Divergence was the first and was always trying to take them down with lots of hacking and etc) and it definitely lived up to it's name. With lots of thriving members and fun RPs, it was a hit for everyone. She really loved DHU because it was her first experience with .Hack and forums itself, it was great. But as time unveiled, it slowly lost members and activity until it died out. She will always remember DHU and all it's memories.

If they still read this, I give my love to Ashura, Neo (Noel), Sephiroth, Dragona, Ayeka Penor, Chiisu, Fayt, Storm Cloud, Scysoro, Blackrose and everyone else. I will never forget DHU, ever.

Dot Hack Kingdom

Dot Hack Kingdom was Destiny's first Invisionfree forum and .Hack RP forum. It was alright to be honest, it had a good bunch of members and good group of RPers, but it quickly died out and got hacked.

The Third Twilight

The Third Twilight was Destiny's second Invisionfree .Hack RP forum, but unlike DHK, it turned out to be a legend of .Hack RP forums. Now the story starts off as a forum that was made by herself with the name help of Shugo-San again, he promised her that he would help, but of course, he never did. So with a good amount of advertising and planning, she started it off as a successful forum. With help of Chiisu, they managed it for a very long time and helped it start the "legend". Now, a major co-administrator that helped was a boy named Zeik. After he joined the team, the member counts raised past 100 and RPs were becoming great, but until the day he (in a way) betrayed TTT and deleted every forum and post. Times were low for Destiny and she had a lot of anger towards him (she was young, about 13), she knew TTT was done for and decided to just shut it off and keep in contact with most of the members.

Now 2 years later (this year, June 21st to be exact), she decided to re-open it with a new look, new forums and a new plotline to match. Most of her old members and new members came back to recollect memories and start new ones. TTT was booming with activity and it seemed like the "legend" would live on. For many months, everyone was having fun and having a good time with TTT, it was like the good old days. But not too soon later, TTT lost it's activity and decided to turn offline for good, everything Destiny felt for TTT was inside that forum and she let it free, she'll never forget anything that happened. The memory will remain.

To anyone that is from TTT that is reading this, never forget, I love you guys, everyone, Shining Wolf, Chiisu, Fayt, Kominta, Grey-Hunter, Ashura, Makk, and everyone else, I love you guys.

Online Name History


Destiny was the main name used by Nicole. She came up with it when her friend KC (aka Shugo-San) asked what her name should be on Dot Hack Universe. She was on the high school track with him at night (they were running around it), so she looked up at the stars and instantly, Destiny was the first thing to mind since she was a strong believe in fate.

(I'll finish this later, watching YGO Abridged Series, hilarious)


  • Even though Destiny is a obsessive .Hack fan, she always wears the pendant Kairi from Kingdom Hearts wears. She is also an obsessive KH fan and never leaves the house without it.
  • Is currently procrastinating on finishing .Hack//GU Vol 2 Reminisce, she's just been too busy.
  • Despite her love for .Hack, she has not been on a .Hack RP forum (besides from TTT) in many years.
  • She has a Shooter clan called The Elite Kore that she runs with her brother. They are currently in the following games: Halo 2, Gears of War, Rainbow Six: Vegas (PS3) and Killzone (PS2) and soon enough, once Haze, Halo 3 and Blacksite: Area 51 come out, they'll be on that.
  • She's only girl gamer in her clan.
  • She's happily taken ^_^
  • If she ever sees a Balmung cosplayer, she might just have to stalk him and take him home, she loves Balmung.
  • She once made a .Hack adult fanfiction with Kite, Balmung and herself (as an original character), but she was only 13, and it was a bet XD
  • She still wants to make a Balmung fanfiction :D
  • Nope, she's not a yaoi fan girl, she does like the ecchi of it, but she's actually a huge Yuri fangirl. Strange isn't it :P
  • Her favorite .Hack yuri couple is ShinoxAtoli
  • Her favorite Kingdom Hearts yuri couple is of course NaminexKairi
  • And of course she likes Hentai.

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