Aww yeah...! I'm on the featured users list! (even though 32.29% of my edits are bickering, 35.707% of my edits are typo fixes(usually after myself) and 31.002% are misinformed, leaving 2.111% of actually aid....but whatever...)

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That List of .hack Related Accomplishments

  • After playing the first games=decided to become a video game designer, age 11.
    • Ages 11-15=wrote ideas for five different MMORPG's, each with at least fifty sheets of notes for their designs. Names: Maine, OtherNorth, Arcanum and two undecideds
    • Age 12-14= begins playing Runescape. wasn't the same. got high leveled (F2P), got bored, quit
    • Age 12-16=joins a karate class to learn how fighting actually works and incorporates fighting game elements into MMORPG's. Became an upper tier belt and earned amnesty from social degenerates. Only had to give one bloody nose
      • Age 13=became a recluse due to death of grandparents, disdain for idiots, and general creepiness
    • Age 15=discovers that he doesn't know how to code and that if he doesn't know by now, he would not last in the gaming industry.
  • After reading AI buster=becomes obsessed with .hack beyond casual interest, age 13
  • Read LotT=quit .hack, age 14
  • Age 15=G.U. changed life
    • Began to write about G.U.=Age 16, discovered a passion for telling stories and making art despite limited social wants
    • Became distinguished among peers for both drawing and writing skills, age 16
    • Gained a new goal in life as a writer. anticipates starving to death. whatever.
    • Age 16=discovers a love for psychoanalysis. Often pretends to talk to Yata, Ovan, or Endrance.
    • Also age 16=becomes a believer in Deism, due to analysis of the birth of Aura and general hate of secular religion
  • Age 17 discovered a little place called .hack//WIKI and has lost his free time to annoying people with his technical illiterateness and general want to be important
  • Age 18 exit stage left, pursued by troll.
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