It is shown on several .hack official websites that the Japanese cover for Mutation was an original piece and they re-created it for the North American cover in the sense that the background for the flying debris is green, not red-orange, and the position of Kite's eyes also change between the two versions.

Name Enzeru
Gender Male
Class Wavemaster
Japanese Voice N/A
English Voice N/A
First Appearance Unknown
Name Axxel ????
Age Unknown, currently 15
Gender Male

Enzeru (エンゼル) is a member of the .hack//Wiki.



In each of the games, he changes appearance to characters other players have used. This often ends up being seen as a "celebrity visit" act to most players.


He's a hacker from another dimension in search of data from players. He lacks some skills available to his class because of this.


Not much is known online about the offline player of Enzeru, but he shares most of his The World adventures with his sister Ashyra, as well as in The World R:2 and The World R:X.


Originally involved with Infection, he began to travel "abroad" to obtain data of character Sorry, this information may not be publicly revealed. To assist him, he brought his siblings Ashyra and Mana, and their friends Nina and Dog-Cat. Addicted to the game they stuck with searching for other players, last seen interrogating Zelkova.


  • Has edited several pages on each Wiki except the Death Note Wiki and Zeldapedia.
  • Owns Redemption, XXXX Vol. 1 and 2, G.U.+ Vol. 1 and the 6th SIGN disk with Unison, all in English.

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