Character Profile
Name DameGreyWulf
Gender Female
Class Wavemaster
Media Information
Japanese Voice n/a
English Voice Herself
First Appearance GameSpy Quake II Servers
Name ?
Age 11
Gender Female

"Oh crap, somebody kill me; I hit a pothole in the map and now I'm stuck..."
— DameGreyWulf —

DameGreyWulf ("Dame") is a loser. 8D

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General Information

Dame is currently nineteen. She owns five cats and a dog. As far as gaming is concerned, she only has a Gameboy Colour, a Gameboy Advanced, a Nintendo DS, a Playstation 2, and a computer (that also has the NO$GBA and Visual Boy Advanced emulators). As far as general nerdity is concerned, she has been one all of her life (also taking an active interest in animation, computers, and Star Trek). She is frequently seen with her red sun glasses, and, though considerably less frequently, a red dog collar.

Dame lives in Illinois, and has so all of her life. She currently has no job, and is majoring in Animal Science. Her dream jobs go hand-in-hand with her interests (voice acting, cartooning, gaming, etc). Her native language is English, knows little Spanish, and can understand some spoken Japanese due to a life dedicated to cartoons that, of course, included a lot of Japanese cartoons. (However, she currently has no interest in fully learning Japanese, but has interest in finishing Spanish and learning German or Swedish).

Her main interests are solitude, cartoons, history, games, sexology, and animals. She is a mutt, but her heritage dominantly includes Welsh, English, Native American, German, and Irish. She is considered a "grammar nazi" due to her usually pestering or making fun of people for bad English. Generally, though, she is quite easy-going, and does not easily anger.

Internet History

Dame has been using computers since she was around three years old, and she started her life on the Net around the age of eleven, which can be confirmed by her first chatroom username - damegraywolf1_1. It can also be assumed she was around or near that age due to having dial-up, thus disabling the ability for a lot of Internet access before said chatroom encounter. However, her Internet experience was really in the game Quake II, which she had been playing before, and just then getting into online multiplayer mode. Her age at the time can again be confirmed by one of her early online memories of the game: an opponent commenting she was good for a twelve-year-old. She never really got into chatrooms, then or now, and thus stuck to playing Quake II.

In Quake II, she went by Chichi Ray - the name "DameGreyWulf" did not reappear until Dame began web browsing, when she joined Quizilla in late 2002/early 2003. For the most part, though, she stuck to online gaming. Her favourite haunts were Quake II, Unreal Tournament (going by the name "Ryoko"), and Medal of Honor: Allied Assailt (going by the name "Miss Conduct"). Eventually, Dame grew bored of playing. The only game she plays online now is Guild Wars ("Dame Greywulf").

In mid 2003, Dame joined her first message board: Anime X. She set a personal record of making over thirteen thousand posts in about two years. Since then, Dame has been a "forum junkie" and has created/joined many forums.

Dame has joined various sites (see below), and frequents many others.

Concerning .hack

Fan History

Dame's first experience with the .hack franchise in the early days of Toonami, when they aired .hack//SIGN. During this time (or possibly soon after), Toonami gave a review of the first volume of the initial game series, which also caught Dame's interest. This experience was short lived, but never forgotten. Years later, Dame was inspired to take a dive back into the .hack universe after renting and reading the .hack//Legend of the Twilight comic. She later purchased .hack//INFECTION, and soon after a DVD box of .hack//SIGN. Since then, it has just been a process of accumulation and never-ending fancy.




  • Before "DameGreyWulf" there was "LordGrayWolf" which was Dame's username on Quake II before she went online. It was invented thanks to a "character skin" that appeared to be a humanoid, cybernetic, silver wolf that only came as a male. The skin has long since been lost. The title "Lord" was inspired by her father's character - Lord'O'Pain
  • Despite popular belief, the "Dame" in "DameGreyWulf" is pronounced dām, not like the Japanese word. The usage is that of the British title for a female knight, and was inspired by her father once more. This time, it was his Diablo character; he would always pick a female which would then be given the title "Dame" at the finishing of the game.
  • The significant usernames Dame has gone by are: DameGreyWulf, Chichi Ray, Dametora, Damien/Damies, and variations of "Dame" (an example would be "Damethicles" - her Dungeon Siege 2 name).
  • Currently, as far as online gaming goes, Dame only plays Guild Wars (though rarely). Her main characters are Dame Greywulf (a Ranger/Elemenalist) and Dametora The Fire (an Assassin/Monk).

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