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"I guess I'll log on and check the wiki or something..."
— CRtwenty —
"so i let my grammer go, kind of like moses did with his people"
— Nintennuendo —


Well, this is CRtwenty's page. That's me... some of you might know me from the GameFAQs board. But I figured I should just put a little info here about me, and my experience with the .hack setting.

I was first introduced to .hack when I bought the first game, Infection because the cover looked interesting. This was back in 2003. Soon after I joined GameFAQs for the first time and started posting on the .hack boards there along with ancient posters like Rhyste. I was a fairly frequent poster on the various .hack forums there, as well as the .hack//Info forums. However, after Quarantine came out, I figured that the series was basically over. So I left for greener pastures. A certain user (who should be familiar to long time members of the .hack boards there) was also partially responsible for this.

I first heard about the GU series in 2005. But I didn't really pay much attention to it until early 2006, when I first heard about .hack//Roots. Now I'm back in full .hack fanboy mode. :p

I'm also a member of HoL, and part of its scanlation team.
You can follow our releases at:

Real Life Info

In the real world I'm a 20 year old college student from Iowa.


  • My name is from the game "Dungeons and Dragons".
  • My favorite .hack character is Mistral.
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