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Character Profile
Name Urania
Gender Female
Race Human
Guild Sophia Corps.
Personal Data
Name Judi Goldman
Gender Female
Media Information
Character Voice
First Appearance .hack//Bullet



Urnia uses a golden version of the Sophia PC with a bird like helmet and dark hair.


She is very foul mouthed, often cursing others and acting violently when in batttle. She seems to have a problem with authority and only prioritizes money.


Basic Info

Judy Goldman is a young woman of arround 20 years. She is petite and slender, with platinum short hair .



Judy was born in Eustis, Detroit, Michigan the same day Emma Wielant died. As part of a high class jewish family, she tried to succed on the expectations placed on her, but couldn´t and ended up being disowned. Afterwards, by the age of 18, she started to learn how to hack and crack systems and selled the information to anyone who would pay.

Eventually, she was caught when trying to hack ALTIMIT´s servers, but instead of being send to jail, was contracted by Veronica Bain to captain the Sophia Squad System under the PC Urania. Under this identity, she fought Drain using a halo-like version of Data Drain, and almost won.

After these events, she quit her possition and meet Ryuji.


  • Her birthplace is fictional.
  • It´s very likely that her grandparents came to America while escaping WW II.
  • Ryuji belived that her name came from one of the muses of the Greek myth.