The Twilight Knights (黄昏の騎士団) are an organization in The World R:X, led by Kite. They oppose Schicksal.



The Twilight Knights are a group of AIs created by Aura to free her from the Akashic Records, based on heroes from The World's past. Flügel froze all of them using his gun Brieler Rössle, and they formed a massive statue graveyard in Mac Anu.

Tokio encounters many of them in The World's log data, and by restoring past events to normal he is able to release them in the present-day Mac Anu.

When Flügel's contract with Genius expires and he decides that he will disband Schicksal, the Twilight Knights recognize that without the entity they were created to oppose, they will cease to exist as well. They throw a final party within the Akashic Records, in 2011 Netslum.




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