For information on the guild see Twilight Brigade.
"When you talk to someone, look them in their eyes."
— Shino —

Twilight Brigade is the second episode of .hack//Roots.


Tabby joins the Brigade

Tabby, the newest member of the Twilight Brigade, meets with Shino and Ovan at the Lost Ground Arche Koeln Waterfall. As Tabby is taken to the @Home, Shino goes into town to meet with Haseo. Shino and Haseo talk about Haseo joining the Twilight Brigade. Haseo learns of the Twilight Brigades reason for existence, to search for the Key of the Twilight. Haseo declines the invitation to join the Twilight Brigade. Shino respects that decision and gives Haseo her member address incase he needs anything. As they depart Shino gives Haseo some suggestion concerning netiquette, about looking other players in their eyes when they talk.

Ovan brings Tabby to the @Home for the Twilight Brigade, where she meets a fellow member and her new mentor Sakisaka. Ovan leaves to gather information, while Sakisaka and Tabby train. After his meeting with Shino, Haseo has a talk with Phyllo. He asks Phyllo about the Twilight Brigade and the Key of the Twilight. Phyllo explains how the Key of the Twilight is supposedly able to change the rules within The World. He also offers to contact an ex-member of the Twilight Brigade to meet with Haseo.

Gord makes a dramatic entrance

Tabby and Sakisaka continue to train. Haseo meanwhile meets with an ex-member of the Twilight Brigade, Bset. She tells of her experiences of being 'used' by Ovan for purposes that she didn't understand. She also sets up a meeting with another ex-member of the Twilight Brigade. Meanwhile at TaN, Ender displays a unique colored gem that she had obtained, which gets Tawaraya very interested. At Arche Koeln Waterfall Ovan and Shino meet about Haseo. Shino felt that Haseo was more interested in Ovan and that he should talk with Haseo if they want him to join. Regardless, Shino feels that Haseo will join them.

Haseo is waiting to meet the other ex-member when he is attacked by another player. Just as Haseo is about to lose the attacker stops. He tells Haseo that he's weak but he still passes. He reveals himself to be Gord, the other ex-member of the Twilight Brigade. Gord explains more about Ovan and brings up his unique left arm. Saying even the elites couldn’t do something like that, and that it could be a cheat.

When Haseo gates back to the Root Town he again runs into Ovan who is waiting for Tabby. When Tabby shows up she is introduced to Haseo before she heads to shop. Ovan explains to Haseo his reason for the Twilight Brigade, whether it be a valid reason to Haseo or not, it gives the game a purpose.