"Proving it's fake, or if it's real, searching for it. Either way, it makes the game more interesting."
— Ovan —

The Twilight Brigade (黄昏の旅団 or たそがれのりょだん, Tasogare no Ryodan) was a guild created by Ovan in The World R:2 to discover the location of the legendary item the Key of the Twilight. Though the number of players in the guild was very small, everybody in it was devoted to Ovan. The fact that it was run by such a powerful player caused many other guilds, such as TaN, to keep close tabs on it.


End of The World

The Twilight Brigade is briefly mentioned by Jun Bansyoya in his Interim Report on Ovan. He wonders just how much Ovan knows about the Key of the Twilight.


Ovan manages to recruit a new player, named Haseo, the main protagonist, who he claims has a "special attribute". After Haseo joins the Brigade, the guild has its ups and downs, usually dealing with TaN and the pursuit of Virus Cores. Conflict surfaces over information about the Key of the Twilight within the guild. Later, Ovan seems to think he has found the hiding place of the Key. At their arrival, the whole tip towards the Key is revealed to be a ruse by TaN to lure and capture Ovan, which proves successful.

Soon after Ovan disappears, the guild begins to come slowly apart. Sakisaka begins to think Ovan has found the Key of the Twilight and is merely keeping it for himself. Shino realizes that the guild will not wait for Ovan's return, so she disbands the Brigade, leaving her and Haseo alone to wait for Ovan.

Later, Tabby and Sakisaka begin their own guild, the Paw Pad Squadron, but Tabby is left alone when Sakisaka leaves the game for a new game called "Riot Gun". Shortly after that, Shino receives a mail telling her to meet Ovan at Hulle Granz Cathedral, where Haseo finds her dying after receiving a message from a worried Tabby.


By the time of Rebirth the Twilight Brigade is only a memory, with Ovan and Haseo being the only former members to still play the game. However it is still mentioned in conversations between the two, and is referenced a few times in BBS topics. After Shino awoke from her coma, she suggested to Haseo that they reform the Brigade and search for Ovan, but received no answer.


The Guild's @Home is located in Mac Anu, in the small @Home building near one of the city's many canals. The inside of the guildhall is watched over by the Grunty Nazo Grunty. The building is generally occupied, mostly by Shino who keeps a small garden inside.


The Twilight Brigade's Grunty was Nazo Grunty.


Current members*

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