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The World R:1 The World R:X Versus: The World Emerald Green Prisoner The World Re:Vice Age Outer Sector

Character Profile
Name Tsukasa
Gender Male
Race Wandering AI - Human
Class Wavemaster (Manga)
Harvest Cleric (Game)
Guild Twilight Knights
Personal Data
Name An Shoji
Age 16 - 17 (Time Data - Game)

26 - 27 (Comic)

Gender Female
Media Information
English Actor N/A
Character Voice Saiga Mitsuki
First Appearance .hack//LINK: Twilight Knights

"Worthless... Boring... This World..."
— Tsukasa —

Tsukasa (司, Tsukasa) is a character in .hack//LINK.





Basic Info


LINK: Twilight Knights

Tsukasa reappears in The World R:X, he is a friend of Kite's and possesses a Chrono Core. In access four he once again possess the ability to control the Twilight Guardian. After attacking a group of players he is approached by Trommel, a member of Schicksal. Tsukasa is defeated and taken by Trommel to extract his Chrono Core.

Trommel gets the core to appear and seals Tsukasa's ability to use the Guardian. However, on Subaru's request Tokio arrives to rescue him. Though outmatched, the disk used to transfer Tokio into the game activates linking his thoughts to Tsukasa's allowing him to restore his memory. The situation reverses, the barrier breaks and Tokio copies the ability to summon the guardian. Trommel is defeated, although Geist is the one who finishes him. After beating him, Tsukasa joins Tokio's party and adventures with him. Before Tsukasa departs, Subaru presents him with a feather expressing mutual affection. In Lumina Cross Tsukasa spots Tri Edge (Azure Flame Kite), mistaking him for Kite, believing that he is an acquaintance at the least. When Haseo was fighting him, Azure Flame Kite came and protected him.