"If I lose here... there'll be nowhere left to go...that's why...I absolutely...cannot lose!"
— Trommel —

Trommel (トロンメル, Toronmeru) is a member of Schicksal in The World R:X. He is known as "Trommel the Superman" and is ranked No. 7 in the guild.



Trommel vaguely resembles a comic book-style superhero. He wears white and grey gloves, his costume is collored yellow, violet, and even a darker shade of violet was included in his outfit.


Trommel appears to be a very straght forward and demanding person. His personality can be easily described as the brutal villain type, with the desire to grab and pull out anything that he thinks belongs to him. He also enjoys picking on people smaller and weaker than him, he demonstrates this while he fights Tokio.


Basic Info


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Trommel is a level 120 character that appears before Tsukasa to take his Chrono Core. After defeating him, Trommel holds him captive and tortures him until Tokio arrives to save Tsukasa, whom Trommel has a hard time believing. Trommel battles against Tokio and losses when Tokio copies Tsukasa's powers and summons the guardian. Trommel is beaten, but he quickly recovers and attacks Tokio, with every intention of crushing Tokio, but he was quickly finished off by Geist, who calls him trash, then crushes what remained of him.


  • Trommel is German for "drum."
  • He tends to speak English like oh no and hero time.


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