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A Tribal Grappler.

"Tribal Grapplers use their own fists as weapons. They have high agility similar to Twin Blades and possess high HP. However, their low defense value makes it crucial to pay attention in battle."
The World R:2 Official Site. —

Tribal Grappler (拳術士, Kenjutsu-shi) is a class in The World R:2. They are similar to the Knuckle Masters from R:1. Tribal Grapplers wield Gauntlets in battle. These can range from lightweight gloves, to oversized, paw-like gauntlets.


This class has the advantage of a very high attack speed, allowing it to achieve normal Rengeki extremely fast, in addition to very high HP. Their defense, however, is very low. They also have a very limited repertoire of arts, having only 2 skills available as of Rebirth.


See Gauntlets.

List of Skills

In The World R:2, unlike in its predecessor, skills are inherent to a class, not to a weapon. As a player raises his or her job level, he or she will gain access to new abilities. (Names in italics are tentative)

  • 獅子連撃 - Rapid Attack (Target: Unit, Normal, SP Required: 12, Job Lv. 1)
  • 仁王槌 - King Hammer (Target: Unit, Piercing, SP Required: 15, Job Lv. 5)
  • 虎咬転身撃 - Tiger Bite (Target: Unit, Normal, SP Required: 24, Job Lv. 11)
  • 金剛発破掌 - Palm Blast (Target Unit, Piercing, SP Required: 30, Job Lv. 15)
  • 双極・明王烈破拳 - Shell Shock (Target Unit, Piercing, SP Required: 57*, Job Lv. 21)
    • With each Tribal Grappler job level after gaining this art, the SP required will drop as follows: 57,54,51,48,45,42,39,36,33,30.

Tribal Grapplers in G.U.

See Category:Tribal Grapplers.


  • Tribal Grapplers were simply called "Grapplers" in the Japanese version; the reason for the change is unknown.
  • The skill Roaring Fist was removed from the final release of the .hack//G.U. Games for unknown reasons.


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