Treasure Items (宝物) are items in The World that have no real use, but have high trade value and high selling prices in the shops.

Name Use Easily obtained at
3-Floor Tower
Trade with Alicia for Cats Hat Σ Noisy Sacred Ringing Ears
Aromatic Grass
Give to Mia for 100 Affection Points Trade with Grunties
Boxed Lunch
Trade with Benoit for Yoshida (26) Σ Greedy Gambler's Drift*
Chinese Food
Trade with Annri for Super Wufei Λ Capricious Unending Corridor
Christmas Card
Trade with Jutah for Silent Bomber Ω Reincarnated Elusive Lyric Poet
Crystal Stone
Trade or sell for 5000 GP
Doll Amulet
Trade with Stare for Cats Mail Σ Unusual Ghostly Remnant*
Field's Deed
Trade with Waffle for a Dreams of Yore Σ Tested Morphean Alchemy
Golem Parts
Trade or sell for 10000 GP
Grunt Doll
Trade or sell for 250 GP
Ice Bar
Trade with Panta for Key Axe Δ Hideous Organ Market Scaffold
Ivory Barette
Trade or sell for 2000 GP
Magnolia Miso
Trade with Flare for Cats Gloves Σ Barking Hot-Blooded 500 Lohan
Maiden's Plot
Trade with Teria for Thunder Dad Σ Abrasive False Tragedy
Rainbow Card
Trade or sell for 500 GP
Rouge Fragment
Trade with Cyan for Gimme Life Σ Entwined Prejudiced Chaos
Ruby Brooch
Trade or sell for 4000 GP
Scarlet Plate
Trade or sell for 2500 GP
Scent of Gero
Trade to Fool for Cats Boots Σ Ancient Destroyer's Battlefield
Silver Scarab
Trade or sell for 1500 GP
Vessel of Sky
Trade or sell for 15000 GP
Yellow Candy
Trade or sell for 1000 GP
* Area contains many data bugs. Potential to lose experience if infection meter is high when entering.