"I want to become strong...I WANT TO BECOME STRONGER!"
— Tokio —

Tokio (トキオ) is the protagonist of .hack//LINK: Twilight Knights.



Tokio's online appearance is completely identical to his offline appearance the moment he entered The World R:X. His most distinguishing features are his goggles, messenger bag, yellow tape on both cheeks, and a pair of long black-and-yellow wristbands. He wears the same black pants and white shirt he wore to school with, in contrast to the light armor he imagined himself wearing. He appears, at least at default, to be able to use twin blades: one short and one long. His shirt has two infinity symbols on the sleeves.

Xth Form

Tokio is able to gain an Xth Form. in this state, his clothes take on a more armored form, similar to the armor he wears in his dreams. Instead of twin blades, he wields two broadsword-sized blades in this form. The broadswords have gear-hilts that can slide off the blade and be used as a flailing weapon.


He acts rather ridiculous at times, thinking that he was meant for a greater purpose, then accidentally causing problems for himself and others. But despite his goofy demeanor, Tokio shows that in battle, he is a determined and strong-willed warrior.


Basic Info

Tokio is a 14-year-old boy. He is a gifted gamer and could easily beat any game overnight. Tokio doesn't care much about the real world and dreams of him real self as hero in a fantasy world. Tokio was excited about The World R:X however misssed the registrantion period. One day Saika Amagi invites him to the school rooftop where a mysterious black disk dated 2019.12.24, by JxxxxAmagi transports Tokio into the game.


Tokio enjoys gaming, especially in RPG and sports games. He is also interested in baseball.


.hack//LINK: Twilight Knights

After being transported into the game Tokio finds himself in a fight between Kite and Fluegel. Kite discovers that Tokio is unable to logout. The battles ends and Kite asks Tokio to find his friends. By using their powers Tokio can access the Akashic Records and escape from the game. During his quest, Tokio becomes unsure of his abilities, but after seeing Alkaid in an arena battle, Tokio becomes determined to become a powerful warrior just like her.


  • Tokio's sleeves have the same shape as the brooch on Aura's cloak. Whether there is a connection or not between Tokio and Aura has yet to be revealed.


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