Tobias (トービアス, Tōbiasu) is one of the three main characters in .hack//Quantum.



His appearance is near similar to Balmung's outfit with the exception of the special wings that the original used to have before, though he does manage to acquire a feathered cape that looks similar.

Basic Info

Tobias is a heavy player of The World R:X known as "Tobias the Information Merchant". True to his name, he is prepared for anything with elaborate plans for any quest he undertakes.



Basic Info

Ikuta Iori (生田衣織, Iori Ikuta) is a female high school student living in Aomori Prefecture. She is a classmate of Aida Asumi. Her family owns one of the best and oldest hot springs resorts in Aomori.


Unlike her character in The World, Iori favors function over appearance in real life. Though quite intelligent, she only puts in enough effort at school to avoid failing.



Originally a friend of Asumi's from The World, Iori/Tobias possibly revealed her real life identity later, as Asumi did not introduce Eri to Tobias as Iori (who is in their class). Known as an information dealer, Iori shirks her real life responsibilities to study The World, it's BBS, and even item prices during classes. After Eri is infected and PK'ed, Iori and Asumi race to save her, using Iori's knowledge of The World to her advantage. This leads to an encounter with the player behind Pi and Shamrock and the pair are thrust into the dark side of the World.


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