This is a Timeline of both the events of Project .hack and .hack Conglomerate.

Main Continuity


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  • A French ecologist named Dominique de Mirabeau published a paper titled "Stoned Ape Theory." She predicted the complete extinction of all life on earth within the next 1000 years if current emission trends continued. The only solution she could find for the planet to recover was to somehow cease human activity.


  • Mirabeau's small following of supporters formed the organization mama, dedicated to defending their Mother Earth. Their primary objective was to find and use some means to halt the activity of mankind on the planet. Since their foundation they have pursued this seemingly impossible goal. Among their membership was Emma Wieland and the founders of ALTIMIT Corporation.


  • Masato Indou, Ovan's player, is born.


  • Tomonari Kasumi, Sieg and Kuhn's player, is born.
  • Reiko Saeki, Pi's player, is born.



  • Kite's player is born.
  • Yasuhiko, Orca's player, is born
  • Emma meets and befriends Harald while studying anthroposophy.


End of the 20th Century

  • The U.S. Department of Defense develops ARPANET (1969-1990), which becomes the basis of the Internet. By 1999 almost everyone across the world has internet access.


Beginning of the 21st Century

  • As the Internet increases in popularity, classified government information becomes harder to conceal and easier to obtain. Hackers continue to attack networks; cyber crime increases.


  • Chigusa Kusaka, Atoli's player, is born.


  • The United Nations subsystem WNC (World Network Commission) is created.


  • The WNC has its first meeting.
  • A computer virus "Hello WNC" infects over 10,000,000 users.
  • Deadly Flash a virus that is capable of inducing epileptic seizures is released, killing several people. The creator of the virus, a young man from Japan named Yuri Kaczynski Seto is the first person to be sentenced to death for a cybercrime.


  • The WNC tightens its laws regarding cybercrime.
  • August: Emma Wieland dies in a car accident. Her incomplete epic web poem, the Epitaph of Twilight disappears from the web.
  • The National Bank of Switzerland is hacked, over $84,000,000 are stolen from accounts.


  • Aina Indou, Masato/Ovan's sister, is born.
  • The New York Stock Exchange is hacked, causing stock prices to hike worldwide.
  • December 24: Pluto's Kiss, almost all systems worldwide shut down for 77 minutes. The culprit is a 10-year-old boy named Warren Block living in Los Angeles.
  • Following Pluto's Kiss, all internet activity save for government or business purposes is restricted.



  • January: ALTIMIT Corporation creates twelve regional offices throughout the world.
  • CyberConnect Japan is founded. Junichiro Tokuoka begins work on the Japanese localization of Fragment. He is assisted by Kazushi Watarai.
  • May: The Beta test of Fragment begins, quickly becoming one of the most discussed topics among gamers.
  • May 26th: Iori Nakanishi, Sakubo's player, is born. His twin sister Sakura is born dead.
  • July: Harald Hoerwick goes missing.
  • July: The beta test of Fragment ends.
  • The WNC passes laws forcing all computers to run ALTIMIT OS.
  • December 24: Virgin's Kiss is created as an international holiday by the WNC. Network restrictions are lifted. Fragment, now renamed The World, is released worldwide getting over 100,000 downloads on the first day alone.
  • The period known as the "Twilight of the New Gods" ends with the release of "The World."





  • Kazushi Watarai quits CC Corp, after being released from the hospital.
  • The "Golden Age" of The World begins.
  • .hack//Unison: Helba hosts a party in Net Slum.
  • .hack//Legacy: June: Kite and BlackRose join forces with Spoke, a misterious PC, in order to beat the last Data Bug in The World after the Morganna Incident.




  • Bugs begin to appear in Altimit OS.
  • Winter:Jun Bansyoya assigned as the leader for Project G.U.
  • Jyotaro Amagi hired by CC Corp.
  • Project G.U. finds the data of Magus and atach it to a PC in The World.
  • The Epitaph User PC rejects anyone who tries to use it due to it being selective as to who could manage it.
  • .hack//ChupChopCase: Spring Mia is destroyed by CC Corp in order to extract her Epitaph data.
  • Realizing that the R.A. plan is dangerous, Basyoya steals the Epitaph User of Tarvos, but Amagi runs the program anyways using a dummy, causing something to go terribly wrong, resulting in the loss of about 80% of The World's data.
  • Bansyoya salvages the Epitaph User of Magus.
  • Jyotaro Amagi starts a fire at CC Corp headquarters.
  • Autumn: Jun Bansyoya resigns from CC Corp, taking responsibility for the fire.
  • Development for The World R:2 begins by combining the data of that survived the fire.
  • The Final Day of The World, players reunite in the Root Town that was salvaged: Mac Anu.
  • December 24:The World R:2 and ALTIMIT Mine OS are released to the public. The characters Ovan, Kuhn, Endrance, and Yata are created.













Alternate World

  • 2014: .hack//frägment: In a parallel universe from the main games, Data Bug begin to reappear throughout The World. With Kite missing new bearers of the bracelet are chosen.

Parallel Works

Alternative Parallel Works