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Concept art for the Azure Knights.

The Three Azure Knights (三蒼騎士) is the official name given to the incarnations of Kite, Orca, and Balmung seen in G.U.


Their goals are never specified outright, though they appear to be to guard and protect Aura along with neutralizing anyone who tries to approach the Key of The Twilight.


The Azure Knights in Roots.


The Knights briefly appear at the end of Roots. Neither Azure Balmung nor Azure Orca play much of a role in Roots, however Azure Kite makes numerous appearances.

The Three Azure Knights

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Their name is a reference to the titles of the Descendants of Fianna. They seem to use the Signs as a system of transportation and often travel together after Azure Kite's defeat at the hands of Haseo. They were thought to be related to the TSN System, a network of three AIs designed to protect the CyberConnect networks, but were later revealed to be reconstructions of Kite, Balmung and Orca that Aura subconsciously created from her memories as a way to combat AIDA. Her rapid creation of them resulted in their "incomplete" appearance.



  • In Redemption, the equipment for the Azure Knights cannot be changed, although they can receive equipment.
  • The Azure Knights share the same armor and accessories. These are the Empty Demon Suit and the Empty Eye of Sin.