• Hello, I'm Jikanet. Sorry for disturbing your day. I just went to replacing the current AIKA character picture on wiki with the white background version that I edited from .hack//ARCHIVE 04, but since the only one who can make a major change on wiki page character is the admin of .hack Wikia, that includes you, so I cannot change or replacing it without your permission.

    So that's why I want to giving a AIKA sprite white background photo to you instead, if you are interested. Is on my google drive link.

    It might be the first time to asking a question in .hack Wikia. But I hope I would like to hear your thought,, hope it would help. Thank you so much. If there're any issues, feel free to reply.

    Have a good day

    Here's the link:

    UPDATE: Sorry, I'm giving a sending link un-fixed pictures for AIKA, here's the fixed one


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    • Hello there. Welcome to the .hack fandom (wikia). I can add it right up. I didn't know of any restictions on image replacement but then again there might have been setting change based on how long the account's been around a while back. I'll check it out.

      Have a good day.

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    • Have a good day for you, too. I also had a Jyotaro Amagi sprite white background here:

      P.S. One more thing, I know it's a ridiculous question, but Saika Amagi character page wiki article didn't get a finish or felt uncompleted (although I didn't know to put a word of it), is there any chance or plan to finish her page character wiki? (I was planning too, but couldn't dare to do it)

      I'm sending fixed AIKA picture image on the link above, sorry for inconvenience,

      Thank you once again, have a good day

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    • While I did wanna do an overview of every character eventually. I'd also say that for some pages its also just as much the community that is interested in that content to update it, as would be anyone elses. It is a wiki afterall. Sure users might battle over x and y and at times admins might do their thing, when they feel they have to. But they are also there for just a general lead sometimes.

      Treasure Hacker 19:36, August 16, 2020 (UTC)

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    • Well, I think you're right. It's all about what people really interest. But thanks for filling me in and sorry for disturbing you.

      Have a good day.

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    • A FANDOM user
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