• Hey there!

    So - with the anticipated release of .Hack//G.U Last Recode - I have created a 100% Completion guide for Ryu Books.

    I have a detailed layout for everything. As far as where to collect each Accessory/Item/Armor/Weapon etc. This is information compiled from the "archives" that exist from 10~ years ago, alongside re-confirmed information with the re-release. I have modified and adjusted values and locations that were inaccurate from the MULTIPLE Sources (No one stop shop) for the guide.

    The information presented, is exactly what I used to 100% Complete each Volume and achieve my Platinum Trophy on the game.

    I have posted this on Reddit already, and I received a suggestion of making this available on the Wikia. I would love your support! I also plan on making it accessible on a personal website I can host as well - but would LOVE to be a part of the Wikia community for my FAVORITE Trilogy of all time. :)

    Let me know how you feel - and we can get together on this one :)

    Reddit Post (1 of 2 Posts):


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    • Also - I will be adding to this guide. This is only the start. I plan on finishing (hopefully by this weekend) complete guides for the Campaigns, Quests - etc as well. So it's a work in progress, but so far well received :)

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    • Hi Riviawolf.

      Thank you very much for notifying me.

      I saw the guide, hahahaha, I admit that it is more clear than I have seen in other sites. There isn't a problem if you want to add the information to the wiki, take it - Ryu Books (Walkthrough)

      This page is temporary (then the design, color, etc. will be changed), eventually if you want to add some type of template or create new ones to help the guide, let me know. 

      Thanks Riviawolf and have a good night. 

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