• Hey there, Nicolas de Leão! My name is Doug and I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Development Team! I'm swinging by to let you know I was the one who created and updated the wiki skin - hope you like it!

    I also wanted to ask you - do I have your permission to give the mainpage a little visual spiff? It's currently designed in a one column layout and I'd like to transfer it to a two column layout so things look a little cleaner. 

    Been a big .hack fan since //SIGN and picked up Last Recode recently and that's been a blast to replay. Let me know if there is anything you'd like my assistance with! I'm a bit of a diehard fan myself : D Thanks and have a good one!

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    • Hi Doug. Thank you very much for wiki skin.

      Ok then, I have no problems if you make changes to the main page ( template of main page ), just a detail, the main page should only have one or more templates for security. However, if you see templates as a problem, you can directly use the main page to add all the content.

      I do not know if you have plans for infoboxes , navboxes , etc., for security and avoid editing and experimenting all the time, I'm from the old school of the templates, so using mediawiki on this site is not very reconmentable in case of infoboxes for characters, as well as navboxes.

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    • Sounds good! I will keep the number of templates to a minimum on the mainpage, that's definitely how I prefer to organize things.

      No current plans to rework infoboxes or navboxes, unless you'd like me to tweak them. We could look into converting the infoboxes here  to Portable Infoboxes for better display on mobile, but I'll let you make that call or not.

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    • I see.  Do not worry about the templates, the priority is to protect the information from any damage or malicious identity. 

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    • Hello Doug.

      Thank you very much for the main portal / page. It looks more clear now.

      Sorry for not having previously thanked you.

      If you want to modify or make suggestions to the pages / content, you can say it without problem. Have a good night/day

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    • No worries, my man! Glad you liked the changes, good luck with the wiki cleanup here! I'll try to stop in every once in a while and chip in where I can. 

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